Thursday, November 9, 2017

Ten years ago...

The Ferraris were made for an advertising project.
The Art Director of JWThompson wanted to tell the story of the Shell-Ferrari's 60 years of partnership
showing the cars that were important both to Ferrari and Shell during this period.

The cars were the 125S (1947) who was the first Ferrari to win a race,
the F500 (1951) who won 6 of the 7 races in that year, the Shark Nose (1961) with its innovative design 
and won the World Championship and the 312 B3 (1974) who later was fired for marketing decisions.

It would be impossible to do this job by taking photographs (time and costs) and so he asked me if I could make
the 4 cars choosen to be shown in the advertising campaingn in 3D renderings.
I accepted the work and began to look for references in the internet as soon as we finished our telephone call.
I collected almost 300 hundred pictures of all kinds about the cars and their innards.
In the end of the process the models were submited to the judgment of some Ferrari specialists in England and Italy
and they gave their approval. Thanks God!

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